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If you'd like to volunteer you can reach out to Info@nhhrc.org or message us on Facebook or Instagram

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Volunteer Testimonials

"Volunteering with NHHRC allows me to be a part of a community of people who practice mutual aid and compassionate care to our neighbors who need it the most; no stigma, just good humans providing services." - Jesse Boggis
"I am proud to be part of the work that NHHRC does to supply sterile syringes and other equipment to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious disease among the people of NH. We are all in this together and by showing compassion through action I am glad to be a small part of the solution." - Carrie Mcfadden
"Through my volunteering I have met wonderful new friends, I have a lot of fun and I have steadily reduced my own stigma that I didn't realize I had about people who use drugs." - JB
"The thing that stands out for me about being a volunteer for the NH Harm Reduction Coalition is that it is a real way to help real people who are working, working really hard, just to stay alive." - Dan Andrus