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How to support someone you love who uses drugs
CONNECT - Know that the Doorways located throughout the state are available to access treatment, resources, and free Narcan. Call 211 to be connected immediately.
REACH OUT - Know that withdrawals from alcohol and benzodiazepines (ativan, xanax, etc.) can cause seizures and be fatal. Reach out to a trusted provider, recovery organization, or mental health provider to discuss the safest way to withdraw from these drugs.
FIND SUPPORT - Local Recovery Community Organizations (RCO's) can provide you with free Naloxone and provide support to you regardless of where you are at in your substance use.
COMMUNICATE - Tell them you love/care for them and that is not conditional on their use or abstinence. Tell them that their safety is important to you and that you can help them find free harm reduction supplies.
QUALITY TIME - Not every interaction needs to be about their drug use. Spend time, share a meal, invite them to watch a movie, etc. Ask the what they need to feel safe.

Myth Busting

Supporting someone in finding harm reduction supplies (sterile syringes, safer injection kits, smoking and other injection alternatives, wound care kits, naloxone, drug testing strips, etc.) is NOT enabling, but supporting their health as well as the community by reducing communicable diseases.


People do NOT have to reach “rock bottom’ in order to create change in their life.


Compassion is NOT "enabling" and compassion does NOT kill people.

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