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Queen City Exchange


Queen City Exchange comprises a diverse group of volunteers delivering free, community-based services that reduce the personal and social harms associated with drug use. We are a Syringe Services program of the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition operating in Manchester, NH.

Queen City Exchange supports people to make any positive change in their lives and to reduce the risk of drug overdose, HIV/HCV and other viral and bacterial infection, and other harms associated with the drug use and misuse. We reach people through direct outreach and by referral from health care and other service providers and peers in the community. Our services are confidential; we do not collect or share identifying information about anyone we serve.

Naloxone/Narcan and overdose prevention and response education

Sterile Syringe.png

Sterile syringes, injection supplies & disposal containers

Sharps Container.png

Safe disposal of used syringes

Bandages and Wound Care.png

Basic wound care supplies

Safe Sex.png

STD prevention education and materials


Referrals for physical health, mental health, substance use disorder, sexual & domestic violence, housing insecurity, food insecurity

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