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Community Care Team (CCT)

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What is a CCT?

The Community Care Team (CCT) is a group of community agencies, providers, and organizations that often provide services to shared clients.  The team comes together on a regular basis to share strengths-based information about clients with complex care needs in an effort to increase group awareness of client goals and challenges, while identifying shared priorities for support.  Utilizing a shared Release of Information and Confidentiality Agreement, providers are also able to connect outside of the meeting space to share information in real-time and support the individual's connection with resources and wrap-around support in their community.


The core objective of a CCT is to provide person-centered care and improve outcomes through multi-agency partnership and care planning, as we understand that community collaboration is necessary to improve health outcomes.  We recognize complex bio-psycho-social problems are community problems and no one entity alone can effectively improve outcomes for this population.

Which areas does the NHHRC CCT cover?

The NHHRC CCT is comprised of three New Hampshire regional Community Care Teams. One team serves Strafford County, and two teams serve eastern Rockingham County.  

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